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Quick Response Utility Belt - H2O Rescue Gear
H2O Rescue Gear

Quick Response Utility Belt

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The Quick Response Utility (QRU) Belt comes standard with the Side Arm and Sharpshooter Throw bags.  Made of high strength 2" seat belt webbing, it is secured around your waist with monster lock buckles.  On the side of the belt you will find the quick release system which attaches the throw bag to the QRU belt.  You will find it easy to attach your bag to the belt and even easier to slide it off using the release system.  Having the bag on your waist makes it easily accessible in that time of need.  

  • Additional gear loops on the belt for added attachment points 
  • Easily adjustable to fit your waist 
  • Throw bags release away from the belt when ready to deploy 
  • Made of high strength nylon webbing 
  • Comes standard with the Side Arm and Sharpshooter throw bags 


*Throw bag not included with purchase of QRU belt.

*The Quick Response Utility (QRU) Belt should never be used in place of the quick release harness found on rescue PFD's.  The QRU belt is only intended to carry our line of throw bags or gear pouches. 

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