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The Best Carabiner for Swiftwater Rescue!

I get this question all the time- what type of carabiner should I get to carry in my PFD? My first answer is: a locking carabiner.  That question is usually followed up with: which carabiner or brand of carabiner do you prefer?  That answer is pretty easy too: the Omega Jake Twist Lock (TL) carabiner. 

Why do I like it?  It is a durable single-stage twist lock carabiner which is easy to unlock and it auto locks when released.  A simple and effective design!

I have been using the Omega Jake (TL) for 7 or 8 years. I average 100 days or more on the water per year.  I have put these carabiners through their paces in my swiftwater courses throughout the year. The carabiner below is one of the four I carry at all times. As you can see it has taken some abuse; I have buried them in sand, dropped them on rocks and concrete, and left them soaking wet for days.  I have had no malfunctions.  Maybe this is luck or maybe it is a testament to Omega Pacific's quality hardware.  Either way, if you are looking for a rock solid carabiner I advise checking the Jake TL out.


Aaron Peeler


H2O Rescue Gear


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